Dr. Gigglez
Dr. Gigglez
Dr. Gigglez Dr. Gigglez is a serial killin' doctor that hails from Scituate , Rhode Island. A mix of horrorcore and hardcore rap. Along with insane beats comes very graphic lyrics. Show are very intense with babies on crosses, being cut up and hit with baseball bats. Lots of smoke and very energetic non-stop show. This is a show never to be missed.

He has been seen doing numerous shows with many underground groups and solo artists such as WOLFPAC, Tech 9, Mc Chris, Pot Luck, Twiztid, Blaze Ya dead Hommie,  Q Strange, Kapital Punishment, Moist Chicken, just to name a few.

Be on the look out, because Dr. Gigglez is spreading like a disease!

Straight outta Road Island (cause not much else is) comes one Dr. Gigglez. The Dr., a self proclaimed surgeon, blends a very special mix of horror influence subjects, low end beats and wicked rhymes that have caught the ear of many including local promoters and fans alike. The Dr. is a full service artist handling both his own writing and productions.

From the lyrics he spits to the music he spits it over, the Dr. Giggles does it all relying on no outside production unlike many of the other artists in today's hip hop underground. "Most of these guys are just waiting around for them to be discovered or signed, that's just foolish to me, no one is going to just give me success, I got to take it".

Currently Dr. Gigglez has been feverishly writing and recording new material for his debut CD "The Doctor's In" which he is planning to release later on in 2007 independently. All the while still performing, promoting and even booking his own shows, the Dr. is no stranger to hard work heading up his own management in the form of Trauma Skuad Productions. Preformance wise the Dr. has graced the stages all over the New England area, touring for the last two years and taking the stage any chance he can.

Recently The Dr. had the honor to open for Psychopathic Records artists Twiztid for their Bootleg Banner Connectet tour date as well as opening for Megaforce Records artists WOLFPAC on several of their tour dates, all of which met the Dr's with huge successe. So much so that his web page has been receiving numerous hits daily as well as a growing demand for Dr. Gigglez merchandise. "Its all been very exciting for me, I never really knew so many would be down and interested in my music", he commented, "Its wicked to be able to do the things I do, to create music right down to signing a autograph, its all just so unexpected".

Recently the Dr. Gigglez performances and recordings have caught the eye of Daddy Long Legs (WOLFPAC / BloodHound Gang) who has not only added the good Dr. Gigglez to many of their shows but a has even helped the young Dr. in honing his talents in the studio. "The Dr. is one of the hardest working people in the underground, he isn't about using parlor tricks or any quick fix to get his career moving in the right direction", said Daddy Long Legs.

The one thing for sure is that Dr. Gigglez is gaining ground by the second, taking no shorts and not taking no for a answer. From performances to releases the Dr. wants it all and is prepared to go the long haul to make it happen. One way or another, Dr. Gigglez will not be denied!

RESIDENCE: Scituate, RI.

BIRTHDATE: February 11th.

HEIGHT: 5'5".

WEIGHT: 180 LBs.

FAVORITE WEAPON: Chainsaw's & Scalpels.

HOBBIES: Whacking off to dead bitches, smashing people's faces in, and stalking all the hot nurses.

INFLUENCES: The Unknown Asylum and my  two son's Devin & Jeremy

FAVORITE BANDS: WOLFPAC, System of a Down, GraveDiggaz, Wu-Tang Clan, and V-Ice.
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